Stock portfolio tracking app is an application that helps investors track their investments. These applications allow users to keep track of stocks using various methods such as charting, graphs, news feeds etc. Stock portfolio tracking app does not only give a simple overview of the market, it also allows investors to keep track of their portfolios by providing various tools and features.

Stock Portfolio Tracker is an application designed to track the performance of any stock portfolio. It can also monitor the performance of mutual funds, ETFs and index funds.

Features of using stock portfolio tracker:

  • 1) Track the actual price movement of stocks in real time.
  • 2) Analyze historical data to find the best performing stocks and sectors.
  • 3) Find out whether the market is moving up or down by analyzing the overall trend of the stock market.
  • 4) Keep tabs on the current economic situation and analyze the impact of various factors such as interest rates, inflation etc.
  • 5) Monitor the performance of different types of investments like individual stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), bonds, commodities, currencies, gold etc.
  • 6) Set alerts for different events like earnings reports, share buybacks, mergers & acquisitions, dividend payments, bankruptcies etc.
  • 7) View detailed financial statements of companies within your investment universe.
  • 8) Get access to charts, graphs and tables that give you an overview of the economy and the markets, along with company fundamentals.
  • 9) Create custom watch lists to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and news in the stock market.
  • 10) Access millions of quotes and charts using Bloomberg terminal.
  • 11) Save money by automatically rebalancing your portfolio according to your risk profile.
  • 12) Stay informed about your portfolio’s performance by receiving email updates every day.
  • 13) Automatically transfer your holdings across multiple accounts and devices.
  • 14) Customize your portfolio with your own symbols, colors, fonts and logos.
  • 15) Receive personalized recommendations based on your investing style.
  • 16) Easily switch between US and Canadian stock exchanges.
  • 17) Use the built-in calculator to calculate returns on your investments.
  • 18) Download your portfolio statistics and analysis directly to your phone or tablet.