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How Can I See All Stocks At Once?

There are multiple ways to see all your stocks at one place with just one glance. Read this complete blog to know everything that we have mentioned for you to find the best way on how to see all stocks at once.

Although there are multiple ways to find all stocks.

You can use Google Finance to see all stocks in Google Sheets.

Use the function GOOGLE FINANCE. Go to the cell, enter the equal sign after GOOGLE FINANCE, and add the ticker symbol and optional attributes.

Here is the syntax: =GOOGLEFINANCE(ticker, “attribute”, DATE(start_date), DATE(end_date|number_of_days), “interval”)

For example, if you want to know the current Price for Google, enter the following:



Here are the common attributes if you want real-time, historical, or mutual fund data.

●  price: real-time

●  price open: real-time

●  high: real-time and historical

●  low: real-time and historical

●  volume: real-time and historical

●  market cap: real-time

●  trade time: real-time

●  change: real-time and mutual funds

●  change pact: real-time and mutual funds

●  returned: mutual funds

●  net assets: mutual funds

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