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Google Sheets Profit & Loss Template in 2022 for Free

Profit and losses statements are an essential document for any business looking to scale up. They allow you to plan strategically and keep track of your costs and profits for when tax season rolls around.

But It can be difficult to create a free one from start on a spreadsheet program if you’re not familiar with them.

We’ll teach you how to create a template for yourself so you don’t need to pay us anything. You can download one from the button below that’s already set up for you.

All you need to do is to fill up the data correctly & once you fill the data in stock portfolio tracking template, your work is all done. It’s just that easy.

Sounds interesting? Right. Let’s get started to know more details about this.

Download Google Sheets Profit and Loss Template

What Is a Profit and Loss Statement?

Profit and loss (P&L) or Income statement/statement of operations are also called earnings or profit and loss reports. A financial report summarizes a company’s revenues, profit, loss, and expenses for a specific time frame, usually a fiscal year.

These statements demonstrate the company’s ability to control expenses, generate revenue, and increase its market share. It uses accounting techniques like matching, accrual, and revenue realization. It’s different than cash flows because it accounts for both the income and expenses associated with each transaction.

basic fundamentals of p&L Statement

A profit and loss statement tracks the expenses and revenue of a business over time. An organization needs to record different expenses and revenue in the P&L statement. A few of the categories are:

  • Revenue: This category includes the sales of your company’s products and services. This will also include the recurring revenue not tied directly to the business’s main operations, including interest from banks and rental income.
  • Gains: This category includes the single events that bring revenue to your business. These can include selling property and equipment, these need to be entered as part of the profits for your organization.
  • Losses: These are essentially one-time costs that can present a loss for your business. These can be accidents that incur extra costs or a lawsuit.
  • Expenses: This includes the operating costs of the business. This can include the cost of sold goods, commissions, and wages.
  • Net Income: This is the total calculated at the end of the P&L statement. To find the net income, you must add all the revenue and the gains and subtract the losses and expenses.

Download P&L template here

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