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Best Website to Buy Penny Stocks | Detailed Guide

Penny stock is a cheap stock that frequently has a value of less than one dollar. Penny stocks are speculative, extremely hazardous investments in businesses that frequently generate very little revenue.

Because penny shares are so inexpensive, some investors are intrigued by the prospect of purchasing a large number of them in anticipation that their value would soar.

You might be able to make a sizable profit if you’re fortunate. Penny stock investing, however, can be risky. You stand a considerable probability of losing your entire investment.

Investors may have difficulty finding a buyer for their penny shares if they wish to sell, which increases the risk associated with liquidity on top of their low earnings as well as other risk concerns.

The same principles that apply to buying other stocks also apply to penny stocks. Shares can be purchased and sold through your broker in this case a site.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that penny stocks could not have as much liquidity as other types, making it more difficult to buy or sell them.

We take a look at the best sites that you could buy or trade penny stocks and stand a chance of gaining profit, below are the sites we are going to discuss:

List of sites To Buy Penny Stocks

  • Robinhood
  • Fidelity investments
  • Charles Schwab
  • E*Trade
  • Interactive Brokers


Robinhood stock tracking website

Many retail clients support the well-known broker Robinhood. The commission-free site is meant for novice traders, while the web app is primarily made to be user-friendly. The absence of OTC stocks from Robinhood is a drawback. The penny stocks offered on this site are those that are traded on the NYSE or Nasdaq.

We selected Robinhood as one of the best penny stock buying sites for new investors because of its quick, intuitive, cleverly designed, and cost-free mobile trading platform, which has drawn a younger generation of investors and made trading penny stocks simple and enjoyable.

  • Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Investments logo

With over $11 trillion under its care, Fidelity is one of the biggest stock sites in the world.

Its inclusion on our list of the best penny stock trading sites is due in part to the company’s broad range of investment offerings.

Penny stocks shouldn’t make up the majority of your investment plan. You ought to diversify your investments. You can open many sorts of accounts with Fidelity, including retirement and brokerage accounts, and invest in items like equity funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Due to the absence of a minimum-balance restriction, Fidelity is a fantastic option for beginners as well. Just enough money can be used to open an account and begin trading penny stocks.

If the low price of penny stocks is one of your considerations, Fidelity sells fractional shares of more than 7,000 different stocks. This implies that you can purchase a portion of an equity stake in a company rather than paying the whole share price. That enables you to invest simply pennies instead of your money in riskier penny stocks.

  • Charles Schwab
Charles Schwab logo by stockdaddy
best website to buy penny stocks in 2023 – a list

First of all it is important to note that Charles Schwab is one of the best sites for trade experience.

Schwab distinguishes itself from the competitors thanks to its trade experience. Investors have access to charts and real-time data, which enables them to comprehend market movements and spot price changes as they happen. You may quickly place orders while looking at the chart, allowing you to stay current on the market as you place trades.

You can use the app’s robust screening algorithms to locate investment opportunities.

By not collecting a commission for stock trades, Schwab keeps costs down. Additionally, it offers fractional share investments for S&P 500 businesses starting at $5. This enables traders in penny stocks to begin buying more expensive equities.

  • E*Trade
ETRADE Logo 1 - Free Portfolio Tracker
E*Trade, one of the top apps & website to track penny stocks in 2023

With no minimum balance restrictions and no costs for stock trades, E*TRADE, just like the other sites on this list, makes it simple to begin investing. With just a few dollars, anyone can create an account and begin trading penny stocks.

E*TRADE is a choice for those who are keen in penny stocks but also wish to create a diversified portfolio at a single site because it also provides a range of other financial services.

E*TRADE stands out for its commitment to customer service. The business is renowned for the excellence of its customer service and makes it simple to get assistance when you need it. You can contact assistance by phone, secure message sent from your account, or even through social media.

  • Interactive Brokers
interactive brokers logo stockdaddy 1 - Free Portfolio Tracker

Important factor to note is that interactive brokers is the best site for research and investor education.

If you’re a frequent trader, you might want to switch money between positions several times each day. To ensure you are trading at the proper time, you need to conduct extensive research and have access to current market information.

Viewing IB’s research and analysis is made simple by the trading interface of the application. In order to find investment opportunities and sell at the right time, it also provides stock-screening tools.

Qualities of a good Website to buy Penny stock

  • Should have easy navigation

Although a user-friendly platform may not initially appear crucial, choosing a site with this feature will save you a lot of bother in the long run. Look for a site that enables you to manage your portfolio, enter and exit trades swiftly, and get assistance with any issues you encounter. A user-friendly platform is simpler to administer and can prevent many hassles in the future.

  • Large selection of stocks

A broker with a large selection of low-cost penny stocks is something to check for if you’re interested in buying penny stocks.

  • External access

Linking external platforms to the site can be a useful addition that makes managing your portfolio, charting, and any further research more convenient. When managing a large portfolio, this trait may be crucial.


If you’re considering buying penny stocks, be careful to use the appropriate site. Consider other considerations, such as whether you can construct a whole portfolio at the same brokerage business, and choose the site that is the simplest for you to use. Using a single app for all of your investing can make money management a little bit simpler.

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